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We've already hacked some obsolete practices in the IT world with our technologies as Play!Framework, or Nestincloud. Join us to build future software platforms, innovate and live your passion for digital. 


Our leitmotiv is a positive disruption centered on user need.

We put user in the center of all our projects in aime to hide the technological complexity behind a smooth and efficient user experience.

We are enthusiasts who live, breathe and vibrate technology! Tools such as Scala, Spark, Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra, Akka, Virtual Dom, Typescript help us to deliver our projects. And if the technology becomes limited, nothing more simple, our team create a new one as we have done with:


Play! is a new generation framework (Scala & Java) used by web giants is a headless CMS, real “game changer” of content management


Nestincloud automize the deployment and management of web applications


The single purpose of innovation is that it's useful!

This is our uniqueness and we use it in all our projects. Our team can use any technology or any method of work if they can lead to a conclusive result.

That's also why we regularly organize HackDays. During all day our team has a "carte blache" for innovation : development, creation, design, marketing,.... All ideas are good event the craziest ones!

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    We are a passionate community where everyone can express an opinion that matters as much as the others.

    All from different worlds, Zengulars have one commun goal Tous issus d’horizons différents, les Zengulars ont pour dénominateur commun d’être habités par l’exigence de bien faire. Ils évoluent dans un cadre de confiance et d’autonomie où seul le résultat est pris en compte. Ainsi, en remote ou au bureau, à chacun de gérer son temps pour mener à bien des projets qui sortent de l’ordinaire.

    Comme il n’y a pas de belle équipe sans un environnement épanouissant, les Zengulars ne se refusent jamais une petite partie de baby-foot ou de tennis de table dans les locaux, avant de trinquer tous ensemble.

    Press and publications